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Recruitment Services by Clavius Solutions

Clavius Solutions helps you throughout the recruitment process of actively seeking out, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. Our services include entire hiring process, from inception to the individual recruit’s integration into the company.

Recruitment Process may vary company to company, there are some basic steps that we take as a HR consulting partner to make recruitment smoother and more successful, such as the following:

Comparing different types of job recruitment software to find the ideal fit. Establishing clearly defined standards and expectations for the ideal job applicant. Taking proactive steps to integrate new employees with comprehensive “on-boarding.” Staying ahead of the latest trends and best practices in recruiting.

To start, a company typically outlines what the job or position entails and creates a profile of the ideal candidate. The company must then attract the candidate through advertisement or the use of recruitment software. Applicants are screened and interviewed by predetermined criteria. When the ideal candidate is chosen, they are hired and integrated into the workplace, and the recruitment process is complete. Companies often place a high value on recruitment, meaning they devote the appropriate time and resources to the process.

Throughout the entire process Clavius Solutions stands pro-active and takes care of the in and out activities to get you the right talent at your office.

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Happy Clients

Here is what some of our happy clients had to say. Find out the reviews of Clavius Solutions customers and keep up connection with us.

I am impressed with the expertise of the staff at Clavius Solutions, who are clearly trained to advocate for their employees. I have found interesting work, and am paid fairly and promptly. I would recommend Clavius Solutions to anyone seeking temporary, full-time or flexible employment.
Parth Ashwin Gandhecha
Software Engineer
I have found the professional staff at Clavius Solutions to be extremely helpful, confidential and sincere in getting the right support at the right time, for their clients and employees. As a temporary employee, I have relied upon their judgment in client referrals, and they have never been wrong. I strongly recommend their services to any employer and employee.
Karuna Devi
I started dealing with Clavius Solutions about 5 years ago. They knows their stuff. They made every effort to help and assist me in anyway possible over the years. I work within the Sales and they helped me hire young staff out of the program offered through Humber College. I recommend this company and staff for any hiring requirements you might have.
Satish Area
Sales Officer